• 18x22 Water to Air Heat Exchanger 1 Copper Ports With Install Kit FDKGDVZGK

Brand:Badgerpipe, Type:Heat ExchangerModel:18x22Mpn:Badgerpipe

18X22 / 158,400 BTUs / 100 PSI For use in your hot air furnace plenum. Other sizes available. ***Not recommended for air compressors***This listing includes the install kit.
Information about our heat exchangersThis heat exchanger is ideal for a 18 x23 plenum or larger.The outlets come out on the 18 side (shown as the vertical side in the picture above) The fin area is 18 x22 There is a 1 frame on the end opposite the outlets that covers the copper elbows. This makes the area inside of your plenum 1 longer.All exchangers are 3 1/2 thick.Aluminum fins are installed at 12 fines per inch.All exchangers are triple pass design.Tubing is 1/4 copper.All our exchangers include the flat front face mounting for easier installation and increased plenum strength. Our exchangers have 1 copper outlets and can be installed with either sweat fittings or push fit type fittings like sharkbite's.Exchangers from us come with a lifetime warranty, including shipping. Exchangers will work with chilled water also.We stock many sizes, always order the largest size that will fit into your plenum.Any questions or concerns call us at 800-571-7002This also includes the installation kit shown in the pictures above. Installation brackets for installing water to air heat exchangers inside of furnace plenums. This easy to install kit takes all of the work out of installing a coil. Great for the do it yourselfer or the seasoned installer.This kit will work with most coils being sold on Ebay that are 3.5 wide. Check before you buy, but that will cover over 90% of the ones being sold. Even most that are listed as 4 are actually 3.5 . These will work with every heat exchanger we sell in our Ebay store. We provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects and corrosion.Any questions feel free to email us or call us at 888-591-0943 Dealer inquiries welcomed.

18x22 Water to Air Heat Exchanger 1" Copper Ports With Install Kit FDKGDVZGK

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18x22 Water to Air Heat Exchanger 1" Copper Ports With Install Kit FDKGDVZGK

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