• 20 High Power Commercial Electric Cotton Candy Machine I WWMQDZFAY

Brand new Cotton Candy Maker MachineWork perfectly for home use, parties, game rooms, family and social gatheringsEasy to clean and portablePlease read the Instruction before usingColor: Pink

Color: Pink Power: 1050W, AC 110V (High efficiency) Up to 7 servings /minute. Very high quality and absolutely non-toxic copper whirlabout cap. This machine can make excellent soft cotton candies in less time. The cotton candies taste as snow with melt-in-the-mouth quality. The cotton candies is soft enough that you can even collect them from 60 feet or farther away. This machine comes with jubilant music and colorful flash and you can switch them on or off according to the occasion. Stabilize power and save electricity when making cotton candy. One long innocuous stainless steel Scoop for putting sugar into the Whirlabout easily. Large size Drawer with three grids for scoop and sugars keeping. Easy Use with front ON-OFF Switch. Built-in Fuse for Safe Using. Built-in Volt Controller and Volt Display. Four Clasps Beside the Base to Fasten the stainless whirlabout. Four Small Plastic Supports prevent the whirlabout from sliding. More Convenient! Two Plastic Rings can be used directly, no need to stick to use. One pack of Sticks for collecting the cotton candy (About 50 pcs). Machine Dimension: 20" (diameter) x 20" (height) 20" Diameter Bowl Size to Make Larger Cotton Candy . Base Diameter: 12 3/4 L" (Less area, More convenient) CE Approved. Easy to clean with wet rag. Please read the instruction before using. Instruction: Turn on the machine. Adjust the volt controller from 100V to 110V. Warm-up for 1-6 minutes before making flosses. Put the dried sugar into stainless whirlabout. Use bamboo stick to collect the candy floss. Package Includes: 1x Commercial Cotton Candy Maker with Drawer 1x Innocuous stainless steel Scoop 2x Fuses 2x Charry Spring Connectors 2x Plastic Rings 1x pack of Sticks 1x Instruction Manual

20" High Power Commercial Electric Cotton Candy Machine I WWMQDZFAY

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20" High Power Commercial Electric Cotton Candy Machine I WWMQDZFAY

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